I AM HER Necklace, 18K Gold Plated Feminist Necklace, Dog Tag Style, Stainless Steel

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Stand fiercly in your feminine power wearing the stylish feminist pendant necklace, which features an 18K gold plated figaro chain.

A necklace representing female empowerment, body confidence and self-acceptance.

A bold statement that screams "I am a woman, and proud!" 

Lightweight and water-resistant.

Its meaningful message makes this piece is perfect for gift-giving.

Packaging Information

Beautifully packaged in a branded buttoned suede pouch and comes with an empowering quote card intuitively picked just for you.

Product Specifications

Necklace Length: 45cm

Necklace Extension: 5cm

Pendant dimensions: 2cm x 2.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: PVD 18K Gold Plating

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