Protection Necklace, 18K Gold Plated Dainty Evil Eye Necklace

£38.00 GBP

A symbol of protection against evil, negative or dark energy that surrounds us or has been forcefully or unintentionally projected onto us.

The deliacte 18K gold-plated protection necklace holds a beautifully engraved evil eye pendant with a centered blue diamonte.

Hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

An essential piece of jewellery.

Perfect for layering and gift-giving.

Packaging Information

Beautifully packaged in a white, eco-friendly suede pouch and comes with an empowering quote card intuitively picked just for you or your loved ones.

Product Specifications

Necklace Length: 40.5cm

Adjustable extension: 5cm

Dimensions of Pendant: 1cm x 1cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: 18K PVD gold-plated 


For longer lasting jewellery, please follow the steps below:

1. Avoid sleeping, bathing, showering and swimming with your jewellery on.

2. Apply make-up and perfume before wearing jewellery.

3. Keep jewellery stored separately. If possible, keep them in their original packaging.

4. Keep your jewellery as dry as possible

5. Use a micro-fiber cloth to clean jewellery daily.

Please note: Although some pieces may be water-resistant, it is still essential that you take good care of them by following the above steps.

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