She Luna Necklace in Gold, 925 Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Charm Necklace

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Honour your divine goddess energy with the elegant 18K gold-plated crescent moon necklace.

The moon is a symbol of feminine energy, emotions, intuition and cyclical patterns. Through her unapologetic cycle, she teaches us that even in our darkness, we are whole. To trust our cycle and leave time for reflection and introspection.

Perfect for layering. Stands out just as much on its own.

Hypoallergenic and adjustable.

Packaging Information

Beautifully packaged in a white, eco-friendly suede pouch and comes with an empowering quote card intuitively picked just for you.

Product Specifications

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Colour: 18K Gold Plated

Necklace Length: 39cm

Necklace Extension: 5cm

Crescent moon dimensions: 1cm x 1cm

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