Connecting you to the power within


To the Goddess reading this right now,

We are more than just jewellery.

More than just a business.

We are a sisterhood.

A brand built by women who have given their power away, who have lost themselves to their experiences, women who have been kicked to the ground over and over again yet have found the courage to get back up and keep going. We know what it feels like to feel powerless, confused, and weak. But without this pain, we would never have found our strength.

Find love and acceptance in your flaws, your strengths, your differences, and your experiences.

Let it fuel you to becoming better.

We encourage you to own yourselves for all that you are: feminine, bold, fierce, gentle, strong, sensitive.

Remember, the guidance and answers that you seek from the divine, can be found within you.

You are divinity.

You are a goddess.

You are beautiful, inside, and out.

Allow our jewellery to empower you.

Let DIVINE & ME bring out the divine in you.

Thank you for being guided to our shop.

Take your time when browsing our shop to choose the right piece for you.




We are a female-owned jewellery brand, bringing you a collection of empowering gold-plated pieces with a combination of feminine elegance and contemporary style. Our brand encourages women to express their divine power by connecting them with the goddess within – the woman who is fierce, wise, and true.

The brand’s message and purpose were inspired by our own journey in life, passing through relationships, connections and life experiences. We realised that it is imperative for women to feel safe within themselves, to have a voice, and to love themselves without doubting their calibre even for a second.

We came up with the niche by recognising ourselves as one of them - a woman who values growth and spirituality. The brand vehemently encourages females to find their inner goddess. Most women who are into this are women who are in touch with their truth, or on a journey of self-growth and empowerment.

“We aspire to support women by making them feel beautiful, inside and out. It is all about owning the boldness and irresistible elegance that makes a woman phenomenal in all ways possible.”

Incorporating self-love and independence, we offer empowering quote cards with every order, which is intuitively picked to resonate with each individual woman. Our premium jewellery collection comes with a purpose - meaningful jewellery, offering protection, guidance, self-love, power, and belief. Great for gifts, get an exquisite piece for your loved ones and yourself today.

Materials used to fabricate our collections are 925 sterling silver and stainless steel - making the perfect choice for its malleability, reflectivity, and lustre. Our products are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin. Wear them today, and love forever!